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How to win at Song Saga every time you play.

Song Saga is a super easy game to play.

Before we launched the game we play-tested it with groups in Australia and the USA.

For the most part, Australians wanted to know how to play, and Americans wanted to know how to win.

But whether you play to win or just for fun, the great thing about this game is everyone wins. And we don’t mean everyone gets some sort of lame participation medal.

You’ll actually walk away from playing Song Saga feeling better about yourself and the people you played with. It may sound like an overpromise, but we stand by the claim.

Because the reality is every time you play you are reconnecting with the music, moments and memories that matter most to you – and sharing them with your fellow players.

This results in deeper connections being forged and the realisation that life wasn’t always so boring. Everyone gets to celebrate their inner legend!

How to win Song Saga

You don’t need to be a music nerd or experience junkie to play, but it helps if you haven’t spent your whole life living on your Mom’s couch.

A great place to start is with the rules, but if you really want to win, here’s some tips.

Don’t take the green “memory sparker” cards literally

Give yourself the freedom to interpret these cards any way you want – there is no wrong or literal answer.

Eran Thomson, Song Saga, 30 Cards, 30 Days, 30 cards in 30 days
There are no wrong stories or songs.

For example, “Weed” could remind you of your Mom weeding the garden and singing her fave James Taylor tune.

Or maybe she was weeding in her rose garden and it made you think of Poison’s “Every rose has its thorn.”

Or maybe it reminded you of some weedy little grunt of a kid you grew up with who is now a tech-millionaire and drives around in his Audi R8 blasting “2 Live Crew.”

But probably it reminded you of Snoop Dog, because, yeah.

The point is, use the cards as a leaping off point. Whatever they spark for you is exactly the right thing.

Tell an authentic story

It can be silly, sad, stupid, serious – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s authentic.

This is because the stories that touched you are most likely to resonate with other people. Even if you think you’re a bad storyteller, only you can tell your story, and as long as it’s authentic, you’ll do great and your fellow players will love you for it.

Check this page out for some great storytelling tips.

Tell a bullshit story

One of favourite optional rules is the “Bullshit Rule” where, if you don’t have a story, you can make one up and if people believe you, you get a point. But only if you come clean.

Tell a short story

Nobody likes a windbag. So don’t drone on unless you can tell you have them hooked and they are hanging on your every word. Otherwise they might invoke “The Snore Rule.”

If you want some inspiration, Eran Thomson played 30 cards in 30 days and most of his impromptu stories are under 3 minutes.

Play a really good or really terrible song

As long as it’s memorable, it doesn’t have to be a Top 100 hit or a dance floor classic. Of course, if you do play a dance floor classic you might win a “Dance Bonus.” So there’s that.

The truth about winning at Song Saga

When it comes to winning, we think time sharing great stories and great music with great friends is gold.

Not to mention creating a killer playlist every time you play. But if you want to add “Song Saga Champ” to your social media profile, we’re fans of the idea.

Tag us with #songsaga when you do.

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