Song Saga – The Game

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What’s in the box you ask?

  • 175 Song/Story Cards and 25 Award Cards (Plastic coated for when you spill your Margarita)
  • Space for future expansion card packs and/or your stash
  • Official gameplay guide
  • Our recipe for the PERFECT Margarita
  • Rockin’ good times
  • Invisible Cards
  • Some other surprises that we can’t tell you about or else we’d ruin it

7 reviews for Song Saga – The Game

  1. Stuart Krelle

    Like Cards Against Humanity, but Song Saga is just so much better. The beauty of Song Saga is the power of music and how it taps into our consciousness or nostalgia that can make us recount memories lost. Also the learning power of the game of what something means to someone. You learn about your fellow players, and that how some of their memories and associated songs will stick with you for years to come. Can also lead you to developing a killer playlist! 😜

  2. Toby Dixon

    This game is genius, because every time someone says they don’t have anything, the song sparks their memory and they’re able to bring up a memory that’s so vivid, so detailed and so interesting. For those hearing the story, the gift is that they learn so much about their friends. I frickin love it.

  3. Michael Mutch

    Song Saga is the perfect game to play with your mates, nothing is more emotive than a song attached to your memories, good or bad! In a world of fast times and shallow thoughts, SongSaga comes along like a breath of fresh air, surreptitiously allowing you to reveal your deepest memories while belting out some classic tunes and having a blast!

  4. JJ Winlove

    This game combines two of my favourite things. Spinning yarns and spinning tunes.

  5. Jessica Myers

    Hours of fun, bonding, and the rekindling of memories. I just love all the wonderful things you find out about your friends’ lives that you might otherwise never know.

  6. Tatiana Goldflower

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. So much fun. Perfect for chilled out night with friends and you get to discover new music and things about each other you’d never know otherwise.

  7. Ralph Greene

    This game makes Spotify worth every penny.

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