Song Saga Six for Five Pack

Sort out your holiday gift giving like Santa.
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Who gives the best gifts?

You that’s who!

Show Santa how it’s done all year long with six boxes filled with fun. Give five and get one for yourself free.

Song Saga Six for Five Pack - Song Saga

Every game includes:

  • 225 Song/Story Cards
  • 25 Gold Award Cards
  • 25 You Rock! Cards
  • A hilarious and helpful instruction booklet
  • Our recipe for the PERFECT Margarita*
  • Space for future expansion card packs and/or your stash
  • Rockin’ good times
  • Some other stuff we can’t tell you about or else we’d ruin the surprise

*All cards are plastic coated for when you spill your Margarita

Wondering how you play?

Stage dive into the rules, check out the FAQs, and watch this.


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