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Every single thing you could possibly want to know about the best party game for adults: Song Saga.

What is the origin story of Song Saga?

What’s in the box?

  • 225 Song/Story Cards
  • 25 Gold Award Cards
  • 25 You Rock! Cards
  • A hilarious and helpful instruction booklet
  • Our recipe for the PERFECT Margarita*
  • Space for future expansion card packs and/or your stash
  • Rockin’ good times
  • Some other stuff we can’t tell you about or else we’d ruin the surprise

*All cards are plastic coated for when you spill your Margarita

How do I play Song Saga?

Enthusiastically and frequently. But go here if you’re looking for some rules to break

Do I have to sing?


Singing, dancing, and air guitar are optional.

But probable.

How do I win Song Saga?

We happen to think spending time sharing great stories and great music with great friends is a big enough win on it’s own.

But if you’re super competitive, set yourself up for superstardom here.

Is there a drinking game version?

Yes. Get yourself a drink. Then play. And by “drink” we mean the world’s best margarita that comes free inside every box.

Is there a better gift to give the music lover in my life?


Is there a better gift than Song Saga?


OK, yes. A solid gold margarita glass would be cool, as long as it was 100% solid gold and we could melt it and sell it to help pay for all the games we made.

But as far as giving gifts to people you care about? No. Song Saga is the best gift.


Do I need a music app to play Song Saga?

Yeah, sort of.

Music apps like Spotify and Apple Music have over 60,000,000 songs, so chances are that perfect song you’re looking for is there.

But hey, if you’ve got an awesome vinyl collection you could be fine.

Or if you can hum.

Or whistle real good.

Or own a kazoo.

But a music app is the way to go.

How do I use Spotify Group Session aka Party Mode?

It’s super easy. We made a simple explainer video.

Is Song Saga like Cards Against Humanity?

Sort of.

Except you can play Song Saga with your parents, grandparents and teenage kids without fear.

Someone described it as Cards Against Humanity meets Desert Island Discs.

We can live with that.

What if I’m no good at telling stories?

Nonsense. Nobody is better at telling the stories of your life than you. You’re already awesome and this is a friendly audience. Remember, you are your own harshest critic and what you hear in your head always sounds better to your friends. But if you want to be extra entertaining, here are some tips on how to tell a good story.

What if I can’t think of a song?

Maybe you should listen to the radio more? If you’re in the middle of a game, then do a web search for things that might help you remember the song that was popular when you were in high-school, or that 80’s hit nobody can forget no matter how hard we try. Don’t panic, you will find something. Or you can beg your friends to let you draw a different card.

What if I can’t think of a story?

Get off your mama’s couch and go live a life. Seriously though, if you’re in the middle of a game, then try thinking more broadly and less literally. Use the cards to spark an idea or a memory. You don’t have to answer exactly what the card asks. If you’re really stuck, try thinking of just a song – you’ll be amazed at how quickly you remember a story as soon as it starts playing… that’s just how are brains work. If you’re really well and truly at a loss, beg your friends to let you draw a different card.

How do I keep my fellow players from blabbing about the personal stories I share?

First, don’t play with dickheads.

Second, make everyone agree to the Pinky Promise NDA

I don’t like some of the cards, what should I do?

Draw a pentagram on the ground with goat’s blood and burn the offending cards inside it. Or give them to someone you hate. Your choice.

Can I suggest a card?

Hell yes! We got a form for that.

Shipping. What's the deal?

Warehousing and shipping games all across the world is a magical and mysterious process that involves lots of software, people, packaging, planes, and processes. If you have specific questions or suggestions, please drop us a note.

Track your order here

Some things to be aware of if you order off our site:

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EXPEDITED SHIPMENTS: We are sorry, but at this time we are not able to offer international expedited shipping – i.e overnight, 2-day etc.

RETURNS: We are not able to accept international returns (outside of the USA and Australia). Please see our terms and conditions.

Can I sell Song Saga in my store?

Yes. Just drop us a note.

Can I sell Song Saga on my Instagram?

Yep. Sign up in the affiliate area to get started.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yep. Sign up in the affiliate area to get started.

Can I get a refund?

What the hell is wrong with you?

Short answer: Maybe. If you bought from Amazon or a physical store, they might be willing to deal with your crazy ass.

Long answer: No. One-hundred per cent of people who buy Song Saga, love Song Saga, but if you’re the one nutjob who doesn’t, don’t come running to us asking for your money back.

We already spent it on margaritas.

Who made this mess?

Song Saga was developed by Amy Nadaskay and Eran Thomson, and is a byproduct of countless high quality evenings spent with friends all of whom played a role in the story of it’s existence.

Are you making fun of me?

Nope. Any mention of people of public interest in Song Saga is satire, for general reference only and does not imply endorsement, approval, or association. It also means we love you and think you should play Celebrity Song Saga with us. Coming to a screen near you soon.

These questions suck.

Got a better one? Awesome. Ask it.

How do I contact someone at Song Saga?

Easy, click here.

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