FAQ n Roll

Why should I buy Song Saga?

Because spending quality time with friends remembering and sharing stories is what life is all about.

Because listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

Because people who socialise, laugh, and dance more are scientifically proven to live longer happier lives.

And because there may or may not be some extra surprises in the box that more than pay for the cost of the game.

But mostly because our bar tab is outrageous.

What’s in the box?

  • 175 Song/Story Cards and 25 Award Cards (Plastic coated for when you spill your Margarita)
  • Space for future expansion card packs
  • Invisible Cards
  • Game play guide
  • Our recipe for the PERFECT Margarita
  • Rockin’ good times

How do I play Song Saga?

Enthusiastically and frequently. But go here if you’re looking for some rules to break

How do I win Song Saga?

We happen to think spending time sharing great stories and great music with great friends is a big enough win on it’s own.

But if you’re super competitive, set yourself up for superstardom here.

Is there a drinking game version?

Yes. Get yourself a drink. Then play.

Is there a better gift to give the music lover in my life?


What if I’m no good at telling stories?

Nonsense. Nobody is better at telling the stories of your life than you. You’re already awesome and this is a friendly audience. Remember, you are your own harshest critic and what you hear in your head always sounds better to your friends. But if you want to be extra entertaining, here are some tips on how to tell a good story.

What if I can’t think of a song or a story?

Stop listening to commercial radio and go live a life. If you’re in the middle of a game, then try thinking more broadly and less literally. Or you can beg your friends to let you draw a different card. If you do this just know that you will be silently judged for it (by us – and you don’t know us, so who cares? Have fun.)

What happens if I want to play a song that someone else already played?

Congratulate each other on your excellent musical taste and then find a different song to play you lame ass.

I don’t like some of the cards, what should I do?

Draw a pentagram on the ground with goat’s blood and burn the offending cards inside it. Or give them to someone you hate. Your choice.

Can I suggest a card?

Hell yes! We got a form for that.

Can I sell Song Saga in my store?

Probably. But first, drop us a note and tell us the coolest thing you did in your life.

Who made this mess?

Song Saga was developed by Amy Nadaskay and Eran Thomson, and is a byproduct of countless high quality evenings spent with friends all of whom played a role in the story of it’s existence.

These questions suck. I have a good one.

Awesome. Ask it.