Song Saga Sessions

For fun team building activities, it's a #1 hit!

“This has to be one of the best, most fun ways to get to know people and connect, and not just at work.”


“I learned more about my boss in one Song Saga session than in all the years we've worked together.”


“I used to think my manager was closed off, but they had amazing stories and now I see them in a whole new way.”


“I discovered new things about my colleagues that made me see them in a whole new light.”


“I thought I didn't have anything to say, but then the song came on and I instantly remembered everything.”


“Loved all the great stories, new music and impromptu dancing.”


First things first: What is Song Saga?

Song Saga is the #1 hit music and memory game that gets people sharing the stories and soundtracks of their lives.

Players use the game cards (and a music app) to prompt memories of music and moments that matter to them and compete to see who can share the best song and story “sets.”

Think of it as conversation cards with a killer soundtrack.

It’s one of the most unique, joyful, and fun team building activities you can book.

OK, so what are Song Saga Sessions?

A super unique, super fun team building activity that uses the power of meaningful music and authentic storytelling to instantly bring people closer together.

Build connections

Discover new things about each other

Create a killer playlist

To keep the memories alive

Fun for everyone

Even the introverts

Beer & pizza compatible

Stories, songs, and snacks

Expert game guides

Hosted by charismatic MC’s

Play almost anywhere

Perfect for a casual setting

Minimal tech

Wi-Fi and an audio speaker

Team sized

Ideal for groups of up to 25

Our charismatic Song Saga MCs will lead your staff through a guided game filled with songs and stories guaranteed to help you get to know your colleagues better than you could ever imagine.

It’s all about joyful connection and recollection. With some silly antics mixed in that could include an air guitar comp, “Gargle that Tune,” random awards, and more.

Gather your crew and get ready to share the music and memories that make you who you are.

Fun team building activities for work

If you’re looking for fun team building activities that will get your group rockin’, Song Saga Sessions might be your jam.

Anyone and everyone can do it

You don’t need to be funny or an expert public speaker to play Song Saga.

Just be authentic, pick songs that have meaning to you, and share your stories the way only you can.

FAQ & Roll

Group Size

The ideal group size for Song Saga Sessions is 8-25 people.


Our Song Saga Session MCs typically facilitate gameplay for 1-2 hours. After that, you can declare a winner, or keep playing on your own. Don’t be surprised if people want to play all night long.


$1000-$2000 depending on group size, duration, and host travel (if required).
Speaker hire: $200

Every Song Saga Session comes with…

  • Pre-Game PDF to share with your team and get them pumped
  • Post-Game playlist to share with the team and help keep those memories alive
  • Free Song Saga boxed game

Sample Run-Sheet

5:15 pm: Prep – Make sure you have your Wi-Fi password and know how to connect our iPad (or yours) to your audio speakers. You will need to have a music app (Spotify, Apple Music etc) running with a premium subscription (no ads plan).
5:30 pm: Pre-drinks – Get everyone together for a relaxing beverage about 30 mins before your Song Saga MC arrives.
5:45 pm: Your Song Saga MC arrives ready to set up and play.
6:00 pm: The game is explained and rockin’ good times ensue.

Play: After the pre-booked time, usually 1-2 hours, your MC can declare the winner(s), or you can keep playing on your own. A free copy of Song Saga is included with every booking so the fun never has to stop.

Next day: Everyone gets a link to a playlist containing all songs played during your session.