Top Song Saga tips to telling a good tale

Song Saga is easy to play and is for all types of music lovers and storytellers.

You might like to draw your audience in or you may prefer to get to the punchline quickly. Whatever your style, Song Saga is the perfect party game that will get you discovering new things about your friends and family.

Our Top 5 Tips for Song Saga Storytelling

  1. Breathe – Take your time, get your words right. Remember the pauses in your head never feel as long to your listeners.
  2. Relax – You’re among friends. You couldn’t ask for a more engaged, enthusiastic and supportive audience. They want you to be awesome.
  3. Be Real – Don’t lie, exaggerate or embellish (too much). Truth is stranger, and almost always better than fiction. Sometimes.
  4. Trust Yourself – Nobody knows or can tell your story better than you. Intuition and instinct are your friends.
  5. Remember – We’re here to have fun! So just go for it.

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If we think of anything else, we’ll add it here. In the meantime, just go for it, baby.
You got this!