How to Play Song Saga like a pro

The fun-damentals:

• Fire up your favourite music app.
• Deal green cards to spark some memories.
• Share stories and songs inspired by the cards*.
• Best song and story “set” of each round wins.
• Use blue “You Rock” cards to keep score.
• Give each other Gold Cards for being extra awesome.
• Most cards at the end wins.
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* Singing, dancing and air guitar are optional but probable.

How to win*

Win blue “You Rock!” cards for sharing great songs and stories.

Win Gold Award cards for being awesome (or not awesome).

The person with the most cards at the end wins.

Search for your songs

Use any music streaming app to find songs to go with your life stories.

You don’t need to be a music nerd or an experience junkie to win, but it helps if you haven’t spent your whole life sitting on your mom’s couch.

Song Saga Rules!

Pre Game

  • Make sure all players can access your music library or streaming app
  • Hook your speakers up so everyone can hear
  • Prepare ample liquid (and/or other) refreshment
  • Pinky promise to honor the Song Saga NDA (below)
  • Read or ignore these rules
  • Turn it up to eleven

The Song Saga NDA

All players must repeat the following oath and pinky promise to uphold it:

“I ______, do solemnly swear that what happens on tour, stays on tour.”

The Song Saga Non-Disclosure Agreement:
All players agree that any and all stories, anecdotes, or personal details shared over the course of play shall be treated confidentially and may not be disclosed to outside parties. Unless it’s just too good to not share, but even then, the really embarrassing and/or personal stuff should probably be kept just between yourselves.

The Cards

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There are three kinds of cards in Song Saga:

  1. Green prompt cards – these spark the songs and stories of your life.
  2. Gold award cards – what you get for being (mostly) awesome.
  3. Blue “You Rock!” cards – what you get for a winning song/story “set.”

Game Play Guidelines

The person with the largest wallet or handbag is the Band Manager and is in charge of dealing cards and keeping score.

Opening act

To start, all players get dealt three green prompt cards and two gold award cards.

Players take turns, using one of the three prompt cards in their hand as inspiration to share a song and story “set.”

If nobody wants to go first, then the person with the coolest hair, gnarliest scar, or dumbest tattoo starts.

For best effect, get your song ready to play in the background while you tell your story.

After finishing a set, players should place their green prompt card on the table in front of the Band Manager.

Once everyone has shared the person whose set is agreed to be the best by majority vote wins a blue “You Rock!” card.

In the event of a tie, the Band Manager has the final say.


The next round begins with players picking up a new prompt card to replenish their hand.

They can either grab a previously played prompt card off the table or ask for a new one from the Band Manager.

Repeat until someone passes out or throws a TV out the window.

The player with the most blue “You Rock” cards and gold award cards (see below) at the end of the game wins.*

Gold Card Awards

Whether you’re playing for points or not, gold award cards are a perfect way to give props to your fellow players.

Each player should start the game with two or more gold award cards.

Throughout the course of play, gold award cards can be given to anyone, by anyone, at any time.

At the end of the game, any players with unawarded award cards can give them to the most deserving person, or they may be withheld.

Each gold award card is worth one point.

Once a gold award card has been awarded, it’s out of play and the recipient should put it to the side to keep score.


To prevent any ugly arguments and for clarity:

  • Blue “You Rock!” cards – 1pt.
  • Gold award cards – 1pt.

Whoever has the most points is the winner and should immediately post a picture of themselves making the 🤘(Rock On) hand sign on social media with #songsaga as evidence of their greatness.

Optional Rules

Bullshit – Players who can’t think of a song/story to share can either “bullshit” (make something up) or sit out the round. If they bullshit and nobody calls BS by the end of the round the bullshitter can confess and win a blue “You Rock!” card, or let it slide. If someone calls BS on a true story they lose a point card.

Dance Bonus – If everyone starts dancing the person who played the song wins a blue “You Rock!” card.

Double Veto – Two or more people can agree to veto any song or story at any time.

The Snore – If you have friends who talk a lot or tell boring stories you can invoke “The Snore.” which is just a slightly nicer way of telling someone to hurry the fuck up. Or you could use a timer.

Pro Deal – Deal more than three green prompt cards and/or two gold award cards in each round. Just make sure everyone has the same amount.

Joker Swap – If someone hates all their prompt cards they can tell a joke for a chance to swap them for new ones. If everyone laughs or the Band Manager gives the OK, the swap is on.

You (really) Rock! – Make the Band Manager give someone a “You Rock” card for any reason at any time.

If you come up with an awesome new rule you think everyone should know about, let us know.

Other Ways to Play Song Saga

Hit Single version – Band Manager pulls one green prompt card, everyone must share a set based on the same, single card.

Super Solo version – Band Manager deals everyone their own green prompt card, and each player must share a set based on the card they were dealt.

Your own damn version – You’ve got the tunes. You’ve got the stories. And you’ve got the cards. So do what you want and have fun. We love you.

Play it your way

Like a guitar, there’s lots of ways to play, and over time you’ll find the style that suits you and friends most.

The best part? This game gets better with age because the longer you live, the more music you’ll hear and stories you’ll have to share.

And that’s what it’s all about.

Download Song Saga rules as a PDF

US Letter A4


When it comes to winning, we think time sharing great stories and great music with great friends is gold. Not to mention creating a killer playlist every time you play. But if you want to add “Song Saga Champ” to your social media profile, we’re fans of the idea.

Oh yeah, our lawyers want you to know this: Any mention of people of public interest in Song Saga is satire, for general reference only and does not imply endorsement, approval, or association. Also, Song Saga is in no way affiliated with The Grammys or MTV Music Awards. No endorsement is implied or given, even though we wish it was.

Eleven reasons why you should play Song Saga right now. You won’t believe #7.

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