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Eleven reasons why you should play Song Saga right now. You won’t believe #7.

1. You get to celebrate your inner legend.

Playing Song Saga will remind you that you weren’t always so boring. Every time you play you’ll take a musical trip down memory lane that helps you remember how much fun life used to be.

A quick intro to Song Saga from Eran Thomson

2. You’ll never listen to music the same way again.

Every green card in the Song Saga box will spark a memory of a moment or music that matters to you. And once you start remembering all the songs and stories the game triggers, you’ll start attaching new memories to songs and stashing them away in the back of your brain for the next time you play.

3. You don’t have to sing. Ever.

You don’t need to sing to play Song Saga. REPEAT: You don’t need to sing to play Song Saga. Even if you’re an amazing (or awful) singer. That said, singing, dancing and air guitar are all probable, but def not required.

4. You’re terrible at telling stories.

Nobody is going to be better at telling your life stories than you. And besides, you’re playing with friends who love you. So relax and check out some of our storytelling tips. You’ll be great.

5. You don’t know shit about music.

You don’t need to be a music nerd to play Song Saga, you just need “search.” Use the search function inside your music app or Google to find the song you’re looking for or help you remember one. Apparently you can even just hum the song you’re looking for and Google will find it for you.

6. You’ll give your life story a killer soundtrack.

Playing Song Saga will help you reconnect with the moments and music that made you who you are. As you play you’ll start to build the best playlists of all time. Not to mention all the new music you’ll discover by playing with other legends.

7. You can make stuff up that isn’t true.

It’s been proven that music is a powerful mnemonic. If you can’t think of a story, but a card makes you think of a band or song, just hit “play.” About 100% of the time, as soon as the first notes come out of the speaker a memory will suddenly come rushing back. But if that doesn’t work you can alway invoke the Bullshit rule and lie.

8. You’ll learn new things about your friends.

Even the ones you’ve known the longest. This can be summed up nicely with a quote from one of our first play-test groups: “Dude! I’ve known you for twenty years and I never knew that about you!” This is why we created the Pinky Promise NDA.

9. You’ll make a deeper connection with everyone you play with.

One of our favourite things about playing Song Saga is how it brings out stories that otherwise might have been forgotten or gone untold. And the stories that come out are authentic and engaging because they are imbued with meaning by default. And when people are sharing that way it brings everyone closer together.

10. You can play it with anyone.

A Dad in one our of our play-test groups said “It’s like Cards Against Humanity except I can play it with my kids.” Which is true as long as your kids don’t spend all day playing video games and listening to bad music. It’s a great ice breaker too. We know a CEO who keeps a game on her desk and makes everyone pull a card before they start their meeting.

11. It makes paying for your music app worth every penny.

Most music apps have over 60,000,000 songs. Song Saga is the game that puts them all to good use. So if you were unsure about upgrading to premium, now you have sixty million reasons. Also the ads on the free version really disrupt the game.

So there you have it. Song Saga is the #1 hit music and storytelling game for a reason.

Actually, eleven reasons.

Why only eleven reasons when there are so many more? This is why.

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