Song Saga Super Sonic Chat Podcast

Song Saga on the Super Sonic Chat Podcast

Another awesome podcast, but this time instead of just talking about Song Saga, we actually play it.

We play Song Saga on the Super Sonic Chat Podcast

The boys at Super Sonic Chat podcast love to think differently and deeply about all things music and art. Join in the fun as they chat with Song Saga Chief Rocker, Eran Thomson.

In this episode, Adrian Wauchope (major record label executive and podcast question lord), and Leon Loreaux (visual artist, teacher, and podcast provocateur) explore the music and memory game, Song Saga.

Together, we discuss what it takes to bring a game to market, the Song Saga origin story, and perhaps most fun of all, play three rounds of the game.

We have a lot of laughs and share some stories you’ve probably never heard before, no matter how well you might know us.

Listen now here, or wherever you find podcasts.

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