The song and story game that rocks!

Reconnect with the music and memories that make you who you are. And discover your friends’ hidden tracks.

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Rock out with your cards out!

Every card in this box is designed to spark a memory of the moments and music that make you who you are.

Get ready to discover new tunes, new things about your friends, and maybe even win a gold award or two.

Singing, dancing, and air guitar are optional, but probable.

How to play Song Saga

Pull a card to spark a memory.
Play a song and share a story based on that card.
Other players can use the same card or pull another.
Best song/story “set” by majority vote wins.
Read (or ignore) the rules.

Search for songs

Use any music app to find the songs that go with your life stories.

You dont need to be a music nerd or an experience junkie to win, but it helps if you havent spent your whole life sitting on your moms couch.

Play it your way

Like a guitar, there’s lots of ways to play, and over time you’ll find the style that suits you and friends most.

The best part? This game gets better with age because the longer you live, the more music youll hear and stories youll have to share.

And thats what its all about.

Join thousands of people who love good music, good stories, and good times.

They're singing our praises

So fun I hurt myself: Sore stomach muscles from laughing and sore neck from head banging.

jess myers
Jessica Meyers CEO

This game makes Spotify worth every penny.

Ralph Greene Farmer

It's 'Desert Island Discs' meets 'Cards Against Humanity' and I love it!

Natalie Musico Consultant

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! So much fun.

Tatiana Goldflower Personal Assistant

In a world of fast times and shallow thoughts, SongSaga is a breath of fresh air, allowing you to reveal your deepest memories while belting out classic tunes and having a blast!

Michael Mutch Head of IT

This game combines two of my favourite things. Spinning yarns and spinning tunes.

JJ Winlove Filmmaker

This game is genius. I frickin love it.

Toby Dixon Photographer

Great way to discover new music, but even better way to learn what your friends are made of.

Jason Bluth Developer

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