Play Song Saga like a pro

Pre Game

  • Make sure all players can access your music library or streaming app
  • Hook your speakers up so everyone can hear
  • Prepare ample liquid (and/or other) refreshment
  • Pinky promise to honor the Song Saga NDA (below)
  • Read or ignore these rules
  • Turn it up to eleven

The Song Saga NDA

All players must repeat the following oath and pinky promise to uphold it:

“I ______, do solemnly swear that what happens on tour, stays on tour.”

The Song Saga Non-Disclosure Agreement:
All players agree that any and all stories, anecdotes, or personal details shared over the course of play shall be treated confidentially and may not be disclosed to outside parties. Unless it’s just too good to not share, but even then, the really embarrassing and/or personal stuff should probably be kept just between yourselves.

Game Play Guidelines

The person with the worst tattoo or coolest scar shuffles the green prompt cards and deals first.

Player 1 pulls a green prompt card to spark a memory, then plays a song and shares a story based on that card.

The next player can use the same card or pull another.

While the previous players song is playing the next player can browse the library to tee up their song and think about their story.

Players can share their song and story “set” in any order, as long as everyone has a go.

After all players have shared, the best “set” by majority vote wins the round.

The winner of each round gets to keep a green prompt card, worth one point, to keep score.

The person with the most cards, including gold award cards (see below) at the end of the game wins*

*We think spending time sharing great stories and great music with great friends is a big enough win on it’s own. Not to mention creating a killer playlist every time you play. But hey, if you want to add “Song Saga Champ” to your social media profile, we’re fans of the idea.

Rock-On Awards! 🤘

Whether you’re playing for points or not, Rock On Award cards are a perfect way to give props to your fellow players.

Each player should start the game with three or more award cards.

During the course of play, award cards can be given to anyone at anytime.

At the end of the game, any players with unawarded award cards can give them to the most deserving person, or they may be withheld.

The person with the most award cards and green prompt cares “wins” the game, which is ridiculous, because by then you will have realised that you’re all winners.

Optional Rules

Dance Bonus – If everyone jumps up and spontaneously starts dancing to your song, you get a point.

Double Veto – If two or more people call for a veto they can stop a song or stop a story at any time.

Penalty Wah-Wah – Asking for help to remember a band or name of a song is allowed, but if don’t find it fast or play the wrong one, two or more players can agree to serve you with a Penalty Wah-Wah and you lose a point.

Bullshit – If you can’t think of a true story, you can make one up. If nobody calls BS then you can a) let it slide, or b) tell them it was all BS and get a point. If someone does call bullshit then you lose a point.

Pre Deal – If you want to deal out cards ahead of time so people have more time to think of their song and story, we’re totally OK with it.

The Snore If you have friends who talk a lot or tell boring stories you may want to agree on a time limit and use a timer. Otherwise you can invoke “The Snore,” which is just a slightly nicer way of telling someone to hurry the fuck up.

If you come up with an awesome new rule you think everyone should know about, let us know.


To prevent any ugly arguments and for clarity, you win one point for every:

  • Green prompt card
  • Gold award card
  • Dance bonus
  • Successful bullshit story
  • Any other reason. (See the “Get a Point for any Reason” rule above.)

You lose one point for every:

  • Penalty Wah-Wah
  • Unsuccessful bullshit story

At the end of the game, after any remaining “Rock-On Awards” cards have been awarded…

  • Add up all your Green and Gold cards. Each card is worth one point.
  • Add any Dance Bonus points.
  • Subtract any Penalty Wah-Wah points.
  • Add or subtract any Bullshit Rule points.

Whoever has the most points is the winner and should immediately post a picture of themselves making the 🤘(Rock On) hand sign on social media with #songsaga as evidence of their greatness.

Play It Your Way

You’ve got the tunes. You’ve got the stories. And you’ve got the cards. So do what you want and have fun. We love you.