Song Saga Biggie 2 Pack

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West Coast. East Coast. Either way, you save Benjamins!

Get the Song Saga Biggie 2-Pack and save some coin on two games. One for you and one for a friend. (Or your rival).

Song Saga is the conversation card game that takes you on a musical trip down memory lane.

Play it with any music app and start sharing the music and memories of your life.

Every card in this box is designed to spark memories of the moments and music that make you who you are.

Get ready to discover new tunes, new things about your friends, and win a few gold awards. Singing, dancing, and air guitar are optionalĀ but probable.

Stage fright is for wussies. Order now.
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How do you play?

Stage dive into the rules,Ā check out the FAQs, and watch this.

What’s inside the green box that rocks?

Song Saga Biggie 2 Pack - Song Saga

Every game includes:

  • 225 Song/Story Cards
  • 25 Gold Award Cards
  • 25 You Rock! Cards
  • A hilarious and helpful instruction booklet
  • Our recipe for the PERFECT Margarita*
  • Space for future expansion card packs and/or your stash
  • Rockinā€™ good times
  • Some other stuff we can’t tell you about or else we’d ruin the surprise

*All cards are plastic coated for when you spill your Margarita

Read: Eleven reasons you should start playing Song Saga right now. You won’t believe #7.

1 review for Song Saga Biggie 2 Pack

  1. MC Blade

    Me and my arch enemy used to diss each other and battle all the time. It got hectic AF but now we play dis game and people be buggin. We bros now.

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