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Game that song and spark some memories.

If you love music you’re going to love Song Saga, the #1 best music card game.

Back in the year 2001, Steve Jobs famously came on stage at the annual Apple event and showed us the first iPod saying it could hold “a thousand songs in your pocket.”

Fast forward twenty years and anyone with a smartphone has over 50,000,000 songs in their pocket.

Which got us thinking, is there a way to create a game out of this new reality? Music is such a powerful mnemonic device. And all of us have a favourite song. So…

How could we game that song?

You know that feeling when you hear a track that takes you back?

Maybe a song that reminds you of your high school dance. Or of a special person in your life. Or perhaps it’s a song that instantly takes you back to some other magical moment.

We knew if we could find a way to not only game that song, but game all the songs, we’d be onto something.

The result is Song Saga, a music card game that gets people sharing the stories and soundtrack of their lives.

You can learn the origin story of this great party game for music lovers here.

Now we all have over 50,000,000 songs in our pocket.

Pull a card, choose a song, share a memory, then pick a winner!

Song Saga is super easy to play and is the perfect card game for families, game nights, parties, and people who just want to have a good time. And it’s one of the best gifts for music lovers you can find.

Super easy to play.

Builds connection through the sharing of music and personal stories.

Perfect for game night, ice breakers, conversation starters, family dinners and more.

Made for everyone and anyone who loves music and life.

Amazon’s Choice for music games.

Song Saga Music and Story Card Game5
Game that song by sparking memories and sharing stories.

Music and stories bring us together.

Song Saga creates opportunities for joyful connection and recollection that other card games cant.

So fire up your fave music app, and get ready to game that song with Song Saga.

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