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The best online team building activities come with a killer soundtrack

Fun online team building games that rock

Remote work or #lockdownlife bringing your team down?

Dial things up by playing Song Saga on our next video call and soon you’ll be rocking and talking about all the great times you’ve had and curating a killer playlist too.

We’ve been facilitating online team-building sessions using Song Saga and it’s been a blast.

For companies that have staff who are sick of being home alone, feeling disconnected, and looking for a fun way to catch up with colleagues, Song Saga is a great option.

Three ways to play. One free.

Bring your team closer by organising a Song Saga session that will have them sharing stories and songs and discovering new things about each other.

Option 1: Download our free Snap Lens.

Option 2: Buy Song Saga and play your cards on camera.

Bonus Option 3: Hire us to facilitate a Song Saga session for you.

We’re taking team building activities virtual

We’ve been having a blast running Song Saga sessions for clients all around the world, and you could be next.

If you like the sound of this, drop us a note.

How to run a virtual Song Saga session for your team

If you don’t want us to run your session, you can run one yourself!

Whether you’re using our free Snap Lens or your own copy of the game, there are some basic things you’ll need.

  1. A video call app like Zoom or Skype.
  2. A music app lilke Spotify or Apple Music running on a different machine than your video call app.
  3. A speaker you can play music through that people on your call can hear.

Once you’ve got these things in place, the rest is pretty easy.

The person running the call holds up green prompt cards (or generates them with the Snap Lens). And everyone else uses them as a spark to start sharing the stories and soundtrack of their lives.

If you’re playing to win, the facilitator can decide whose song and story set was the best for each round and give the winner a “You Rock!” card. Most cards at the end wins.

But we’re pretty sure you’ll discover that the real win is how much joyful connection and recollection you have as a group. And how the power of music and authentic storytelling bonds you.

For more ideas, check out the official rules, or ignore them and just use the cards to spark some surprising and authentic conversation.

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