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Song Saga is Amazon’s Choice for music games!

But what does “Amazon’s Choice” actually mean?

In their own words, Amazon’s Choice highlights highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

amazons choice, amazon's choice, amazon's choice meaning, song saga, music game, #1 best seller,
Don’t let the 4 stars fool you. It’s actually 4.7.

According to Business Insider, there are a few other things you can discern if an item is labelled Amazon’s Choice:

  • It’s popular and frequently bought by customers who searched the same thing you did.
  • It has a high customer rating.
  • It’s available to ship quickly via Prime.
  • It’s shipped by Amazon itself, if not always sold by Amazon.
  • It has a low return rate from customers.
  • It has a competitive price.

Apart from that, Amazon’s methods for selecting these items are shrouded in mystery.

But you know what’s not a mystery? The awesomeness of Song Saga.

With or without the Amazon’s Choice flag, people are buying, playing and loving Song Saga.

That said, Amazon’s Choice items are becoming more important as these are the items Amazon’s search engine will deliver when you ask Alexa, Amazon’s voice-shopping service, to search for you.

Wired Magazine reported that “Amazon’s Choice was first introduced for Amazon Echo in 2015. The idea then was to create a seamless shopping experience for voice, where consumers can’t see all the options laid out in front of them.”

“If someone told their smart-speaker to ‘buy new towels,’ Amazon could use their order history to figure out what brand they might have in mind. But if it was their first time purchasing the product on Amazon, the speaker needed a default option to suggest. Enter Amazon’s Choice.”

If you have an Alexa, try it for yourself right now.

Hey Alexa, buy me the Song Saga music game.


If that doesn’t work, then this big green button should.

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