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Brett’s Song Saga Set: Village People “YMCA” / Postcards from the Cowboy.

One of my favourite things about Song Saga is how it sparks memories of the music and moments that make you who you are.

Every time you play, memories and music you may have forgotten or not thought about in years, rise to the surface.

Sometimes you don’t even have to open the box for this to happen.

Brett's Song Saga Set: Village People "YMCA" / Postcards from the Cowboy. - Song Saga
Felipe Rose aka the Indian signs an autograph for a young Brett.

What was your first concert?

The other day I handed a copy of Song Saga to a new friend, Brett, and as soon as he flipped the box over and saw the sample cards on the back, the sparks began to fly.

Inspired by “First concert,” Brett shared this incredible story about how he went to see the Village People as a young kid, chaperoned by his parents, who took him to meet the band at an autograph signing session after the show.

There he struck up a conversation with Jeff, aka the Cowboy, and asked him where they were playing next.

Turns out it was Las Vegas.

“Ever been to Vegas?” the Cowboy asked.


“I’ll send you a postcard.”

A few weeks later, Brett got a postcard from Vegas – from the Village People!

And then the postcards kept coming, from all over the world. Wherever the band played, they’d pop a postcard in the mail to Brett.

First concert? For me, it was the Village People. After the show my Mum took me to an autograph signing and the Cowboy, Jeff, said he’d send me a postcard from tour. I couldn’t find the original post card that the Village People sent me from Vegas, but here is one from their Sydney show.

Brett (see header photo). 
Brett's Song Saga Set: Village People "YMCA" / Postcards from the Cowboy. - Song Saga
You can’t make this stuff up.

There’s so much to love about this story, but what I love most is after Brett shared it, he said he’d hardly ever told this story to anyone.

And I think you’ll agree, this is a story that deserves to be heard.

Along with the song “YMCA” of course.

Wouldn’t you love to get postcards from these guys?

This is the magical power of Song Saga.

It helps us all reconnect with the music and memories of our lives, but perhaps more importantly, helps us share them with each other.

There’s no better bonding experience than one where you get to learn new things about the people you’re with. Things they might otherwise never have shared.

In fact, a customer recently told me she’d learned more about her husband in one night playing Song Saga than in all the years they’d been married.

Song Saga creates hours of casual conversation and authentic storytelling accompanied by a killer soundtrack.

It will have you learning new things about your friends (even your closest ones) and discovering or rediscovering some great tunes to boot.

And maybe even doing the YMCA dance.

It’s scientifically proven to make you feel good!

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