Song Saga, Eran Thomson on the Enhance Life with Music Podcast with Mindy Peterson

Check out Song Saga on the Enhance Life with Music Podcast Ep. 135

The Enhance Life with Music podcast is “a holistic look at the power of music in our everyday lives.”

Enhance Life with Music Podcast Hosted by Mindy Peterson

Mindy hosted Song Saga creator, Eran Thomson, on episode 135 of her podcast and it’s worth a listen.

As she says, “Music is a powerful tool to unlock memories. Games provide an opportunity to disconnect from work and reconnect with the people in our lives. Song Saga gamifies storytelling and listening to music in a way that fosters real human connection. Get ready to learn new things about your friends and discover new music every time you play!”

We also discuss:

  • What Song Saga is and how it came to be
  • Song Saga’s power to unlock stories and connect generations
  • What are some of the favorite things you’ve heard from people about playing this?

Most of us instinctively understand the impact music can have on us, but Cindy Peterson’s podcast does a great job of exploring how with a wide variety of engaging guests who approach the topic from different angles.

“Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.”

Jean-Michel Basquiat

One of our favorite things Mindy does in her podcast is to ask each guest to contribute the episode’s Coda by sharing a song or story about a moment that music enhanced their life.

This is pretty much exactly what Song Saga is all about. If you want to hear Eran Thomson share some examples, check out his 30 Cards in 30 Days.

In Eran’s Coda, he talks about the meaning and significance of May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) to me. He also sings the G. Love & Special Sauce song, “Baby’s Got Sauce” – badly. You can hear how it’s supposed to sound below.

We’re doing a giveaway too. So if you want to enter to win a copy of Song Saga, head over here and enter “Enhance Life with Music.”

But if you don’t want to wait, you can just buy it here.

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