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Song Saga: Conversation cards with a killer soundtrack

There are lots of ways to spark good conversation at a dinner party (or regular “party” party), but none are more insightful, meaningful or memorable than Song Saga.

Conversation cards have been around for ages. You may even recognise a few of the more popular ones, like TableTopics, Let’s Mingle, Our Moments, or one of the many School of Life decks, but Song Saga has something all of these don’t.

The power of music.

Did you ever hear a piece of music or a song and be instantly transported to another time and place?

We all have.

Music has a way of marking the memories that matter to us most. And Song Saga helps surface those forgotten tunes and tales.

Why talk about the weather when you can share authentic stories and make a deeper connection with the people around you?

Best of all, Song Saga reconnects you to your own personal past in a way that regular conversation cards cannot.

Plus, you’ll discover new music and new things about your friends every time you play. Even your closest friends will surprise you with stories you’ve never heard before.

Song Saga is so much more than a deck of conversation starters.

Some conversation cards are a bit too deep and meaningful to be truly fun.

Song Saga lets you decide the stories you want to share. The cards are meant to be interpreted loosely and you are never expected to share anything that would make you uncomfortable.

(Plus, we have the Pinky Promise NDA to keep things copasetic.)

That said, Song Saga is an incredible way to hear things you’ve never heard before.

We got a recent review from a woman who told us she learned more about her husband in one night of playing Song Saga than in all the years they’ve been married.

Show us a set of conversation cards that can do that, and get you dancing.

We also know a CEO who keeps a Song Saga box on her desk and asks everyone who comes into her office to play a card so they can connect and get to know each other better before getting down to business.

Music and stories are part of what makes us human and connects us – and Song Saga drives that connection in a fun, playful way that will inspire more than just good conversation.

It just might inspire some bad (or good) singing and dancing. And that’s perfectly OK.

The conversation cards you play with your music app.

So open Spotify Party Mode, Deezer, Apple Music or any other music app and start searching for songs to go with your best life stories.

Then bust out that bluetooth speaker or hook up your hi-fi and get ready to have a blast.

And remember, you can play Song Saga to win, or just for the great conversations it inspires.

Either way, it’s hard to put a price on all the fun you and your friends will have.

But we’ll try:

  • A nice bottle of wine: $50
  • Nibbles to go with that wine: $25
  • Song Saga: $24.99*
  • Good times you hope never end: Priceless.


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